30 Questions for Self Discovery


I plan on writing the next posts based on this list, if you needed inspiration to keep writing, this is it. I would read yours if you have already joined this or want to.

Hope you have had a nice Wednesday.



Time is never time at all / Life Lessons / Hello Again!

I recently felt again the urge for writing… and it’s kind of a funny/face palm thing to log in here and read ‘how much I wanted to write again‘ but 2 years ago.

Can you dig it? TWO YEARS AGO...

But, you know? The thing is, me as a being don’t get to experience the time as a solid clock hand, but more like some sea waves’ effect on my feet while standing on the shore and suddenly realize I am being sunk in the sand, but not in a tragic way, of course.

So to come here today and read that post from two years ago makes me recognize the things that time has brought to/from me -and the others I am possibly unaware of-. I love the idea of a river not remaining the same river , no matter how many times it flows by the same path, and in many ways I am thankful about that.

I could enlist the things that have changed in my life in this period, or the amount of people who went off from my live, and those who I got to know for the first time… and remarkably, those who came back.

I broke -and was broken from- a long relationship I had already perceived myself in for a long-term in the future, so when this occurred I felt like the bridge infront of me which was something safe, something I could be sure about, came down… and that was the first of many lessons life had to me. So a couple of days ago I was thinking about my “big” lesson, and definitely it has been:

le me from two years ago
ab two years ago at Playa del Carmen’s beach not knowing what storm was coming a year after this haha

“No matter for how long a person stays in your life, you can learn something from everybody if you pay enough attention“.

In every smile or harm people gives to me, I try to see the lesson and I know it’s cheesy but I like it. -Sometimes it’s just shitty people existing in the world, but sometimes it’s something more-

Thank you for reading if you did. I wanted to write this for a reason, I don’t know why. Just wanted to express it besides telling it to my best friend who is a thousand miles away from me…




Today is the last Sunday of the year.
I love the quietness of Sundays, which was a constant through my year.

I don’t know what to write or how to do it. I just want to do it.
I’ll start and I hope I can keep doing it throught the next year, even thought nobody reads me.
I remember it was easier for me to write some years ago, I don’t understand why I am kind of blocked now, but I guess the practice will make it easier.

If you experience this kind of blocked thing, how do you get rid of it?
I hope you have a good Sunday.